• fillers
  • facelift
  • tummy tuck
  • breast implants
  • liposuction
  • skin care
  • botox
  • hydra facial


Saline, silicone, form stable and new
round implants offer a variety of pricing
and contour options for the preferred fit.


Surgery isn’t a weight loss solution, but a good way to address areas that are not responding to diet & exercise.

Plastic Surgery For Santa Fe + Albuquerque

The Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center was founded by James Green, MD in order to provide world-class cosmetic treatments in a private setting, where medical science is performed by expert, compassionate hands. Emphasizing privacy and quality of care, we focus on individual needs with the highest professional and ethical standards. Our patients often discover it is not only the treatment options and private setting, but the attention to their overall well-being, which sets the Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center apart.

As experts in the three pillars of rejuvenation: skin care, injectables, and cosmetic surgery, we offer a full suite of services, state-of-the-art facilities and a private, on-site operating room. With the highest national standards for safety, equipment and surgical staff, the Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center invites you to begin a conversation about your cosmetic options by scheduling a free, no pressure consultation today.


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  • Thanks To You, Santa Fe—We’ve Grown!

    Dr. James Green is happy to announce that we are the first Plastic Surgery Center to be joining the Christus Health organization. What does that mean? More services, more facilities, a larger staff, and an expansive group of supporting specialists—exciting… More >>

  • Crows Feet Eye Wrinkles

    A powerful and protective muscle surrounds the eye. In a split-second, it can squeeze the area shut, completely closing and shielding the pupil from harm. It’s also a very expressive muscle. Squinting, smiling and other facial emotions engage this area… More >>


    The forehead is especially susceptible to signs of aging, simply because it’s so expressive. Surprise, concern, interest, disbelief, anger, joy and the majority of other human emotions all transform the brow and shift the eyebrows. Repetitive expressions over many years… More >>

  • Form Stable Implants (Gummy Bear Implants)

    Form stable, cohesive gel implants provide a more natural contour. To date, saline and silicone implants have essentially been round. Even though we can get good results with round implants, a natural-looking breast tends to have a more “teardrop” profile. Some efforts have… More >>

  • Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

    Although many doctors claim to practice plastic surgery, not all have the same degree of surgical training. Motivated by profit, and taking a few seminars put on by manufactures of new products and procedures; many family practitioners, dentists, oral surgeons… More >>