Double-Chin Treatment


For patients who are dissatisfied with a bothersome double chin but shy away from traditional liposuction—Kybella could be the answer. Kybella is the only FDA approved injectable medication for the treatment of “submental fullness,” also known as a “double chin”. Kybella treatments are performed with a simple injection that dissolves unwanted fat cells and can leave your face appearing thinner, more contoured, and younger.

Kybella uses a specialized deoxycholic acid, designed to help break down and absorb fat, providing you with a more balanced and firmer facial appearance. Once these cells have been destroyed they can no longer store nor accumulate fat. For good candidates, the benefits from this non-invasive and relatively brief sequence of treatments can be great. Visible results typically occur within 2–4 treatments.


Kybella injections can be performed with a topical or local anesthesia in order to increase your comfort during the procedure. There is some relatively minor discomfort during the injection process and some slight discomfort and swelling afterwards. Some patients who have had Kybella treatments have experienced: pain, numbness, swelling, bruising, and redness around the treatment area, most of which usually dissipate within within a few hours of the treatment. Patients are able resume normal activities immediately.

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