Plastic Surgery: Truth vs Marketing


It’s our goal to get to the truth behind the hype, and to help patients make the best decisions for their health, appearance and well-being. Patients usually choose to have cosmetic surgery because they want, not because they need, the procedure. These personal choices are often influenced by stereotypes and aggressive marketing that can contain confusing and misleading information.

For example: the “latest and greatest” in medicine is actually an oxymoron, because the newest things are always the least proven. What makes us able to understand if something is good or not is how it performs over time. If the product or procedure is just entering the market, it needs to be carefully assessed before we consider it for our practice.

We’re not talking about fashion, we’re talking about medicine. If you are considering plastic surgery, you shouldn’t have to figure out what the right medical approach is all by yourself. You need a qualified physician to help you navigate available options and set appropriate expectations.

This becomes more problematic when people present themselves as experts who are not. Some practitioners offer plastic surgery or skin care without sufficient background: dentists, pediatricians, family practitioners, and OB/GYNs. They might have attended a few clinics or seminars, but lack the surgical background and in-depth training.

We cannot emphasize it enough: this is medicine, this is science. As physicians, we are entrusted to protect bodies and lives. At the Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center, we are exceptionally well qualified and motivated to help our patients make the best possible decisions concerning skin care, injectables and elective surgery.

cosmetic Consultations

At Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center, we believe it’s extremely important to provide consultations for cosmetic procedures, so we offer them at no charge. This includes not only surgical procedures, but also injectables (Botox and fillers) and advanced skin care treatments. Patients need to be able to confidentially discuss what they hope to achieve, ask questions, and receive expert guidance in a professional, no-pressure environment. Only then cane they become fully informed about the benefits, risks and appropriate expectations. Everybody has different physical characteristics and medical histories and a consultation can help determine if you are a good candidate for specific cosmetic products and procedures. 

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