Corrective Peel


Our most aggressive medium-depth chemical peel, the Advanced Corrective Peel is ideal for addressing texture and pigmentation issues, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and acne. Using a concentrated blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids with phenylethyl resorcinol, this treatment renews skin texture and inhibits tyrosinase production for long term reduction of discolorations. Dead skin cells are removed, the skin is refreshed, and natural hydration is increased which has a plumping effect. The overall thickness of the epidermis is increased, reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone.

The Procedure

This treatment starts with gentle steam applied by a wand misting softly above your face. The steam opens follicles and is ionized to destroy any bacteria. Special aromatherapy solutions, designed to calm or stimulate skin cells, can be added to the steam. A specialized emulsion cleanser is used to rinse the tissue and leaving your skin exceptionally clean and moisturized for the application of your peel. We then apply the peel using the patented SkinCeuticals layering process. Each peel is tailored to your individual skin type and the results are significantly noticeable.

After two layers of the peel have been built up, we add a layer of SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel to help calm and soothe the skin. As a final layer, a SkinCeuticals moisturizing sunscreen is applied.

The layers are self neutralizing, and patients are able to leave the office as the process continues to work. Patients may notice the feeling of heat and and some redness for one to to hours. After three hours, patients rinse away the treatment at home with clear, cool water.

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