Medium-Depth Peel


Our medium-depth chemical peels gently remove the outer epidermis and stimulate new collagen growth to reveal a smoother, younger appearance, improving texture and pigmentation. Accessing a wide range of chemical options, we tailor each peel to individual skin types, and can address a variety of special concerns or problem areas. The medium depth peels provide results that are significantly noticeable, without the problematic pigment changes that are caused by deep chemical peels or laser resurfacing.

The Procedure

After seeing you made comfortable in one of our state of the art rooms your treatment begins with a gentle steam flowing from a wand above your face. This steam is designed to open your follicles and we use an oxygenated steam to help destroy any bacteria, which is ideal for acne. Special aromatherapy solutions can be added to the steam to calm or stimulate your skin cells. We then prepare your face, neck, and upper chest area using a special Clarisonic ultrasonic brush designed specifically to massage and cleanse your skin. Following the Clarisonic cleansing we use a fabulous emulsion cleanser to rinse the tissue and leave your skin exceptionally clean and moisturized for the application of your peel.

A member of our highly trained staff will then apply the peel that has been selected specifically for you. With a wide variety of treatments available, your specialist will help you to decide on the optimal peel based on your skin type and goals. Options include: gentle to aggressive Micropeels to improve dull skin and laxity, Gel Peel GL for sun damage and hydration, Gel Peel SM for problem skin and acne, Micropeels for sensitive skin, and NeoPeels for all around improvement—just to name a few.

Following the removal of your peel we will apply a finishing masque, ensuring that your skin is returned to proper pH levels, vital for protection against daily environmental exposure. The finishing masque is then gently removed with a soothing warm towel. A lightweight moisturizer or heavier face cream is then applied to either stimulate or calm the skin as needed.

With the exposure of fresh skin, it is important to protect against UV damage and our office carries many varieties of sunscreen protection for every lifestyle. Our aestheticians will provide you with a final cosmetic consultation and may provide you with sample products helpful for your skin type.

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