Epicuren® Signature Facial


A state-of-the-art treatment that can lift, tighten and firm your skin, improving texture, clarity and tone. The Epicuren Signature Facial is non-invasive and often referred to as a non-surgical facelift. This three step facial process is the reason that many of our patients consider us to be not just their plastic surgeons but their aestheticians. While it is especially effective for sun-damaged or aging skin, the Epicuren Signature Facial works on all skin types. The first applications of this special enzyme were used in burn units to help patients grow new skin. It is paraben-free and uses a unique protein enzyme to stimulate cell growth and the restoration of collagen.


Our staff will see that you are relaxed and comfortable before starting your treatment with a gentle steam flowing from a wand above your face. The steam is designed to open the follicles and we use an oxygenated steam to help destroy any bacteria. Aromatherapy can be added to the steam to calm or stimulate cells.

We then prepare your face, neck, and upper chest area using a special Clarisonic ultrasonic brush designed specifically to massage and cleanse your skin. Our staff is highly trained to tailor the cleansing process to your particular skin type and decide which variants are best suited to you.

Once your skin has been cleansed, a hot peel is applied to lift out dead skin cells. We place the first facial mask. This layer is designed to draw out all the impurities and toxins. The second layer which is applied directly over the first is to lift and improve the skin’s tone and texture. Epicuren’s unique, all-natural enzymes stimulate capillary flow, improve cell metabolism, and encourage detoxification leaving your skin smoother, with fewer wrinkles, and an eye-catching glow of youthful radiance.


After the facial masks have been removed a refreshing finishing mask is used to return your skin to the correct pH levels vital to protecting the skin from everyday environmental exposure. Our finishing masks contain a high concentration of active ingredients designed for your unique skin type and are removed with a soothing warm towel.

Immediately following the finishing mask is a soothing eye treatment. The eye creams are also chosen based on your individual needs. A lightweight moisturizer or heavier face cream is designed to either stimulate or calm the skin as required. During this step, our staff is happy to perform eyebrow waxing, shaping, hair removal, and eyelash and brow tinting at your request.


Lastly our staff will apply an appropriate and protective sunscreen. The fresh skin that is exposed during your facial process is more sensitive and must be protected against UV damage. Our office carries many different SPF’s and varieties of sunscreen protection for every lifestyle.

After completion of your facial a member of our staff will give you final advice including a cosmetic and make-up consultation, frequently accompanied by sample products best suited to your skin type.

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